Archana Women's Center
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Archana Women's Center
Archana Woman's Center

Gender Resource Centre

Gender Resource Centre are envisaged as instrument to bring Social, Economic and Legal empowerment of women particularly those belonging to the under privileged sections of society.

We aim towards the safety of women through social, legal and economic empowerment, improve the health of women impart skill for specific trades enabling women to be a part of productive work force to obtain good remuneration, to raise awareness and provide legal literacy about women rights.

Mediation and Counselling Centre

Meditation & Counselling Centre has been founded as part of the Gender Resource Centre. Archana Women’s Centre is the Service Provider under Social Welfare Department, Thiruvananthapuram.


Child Resource Centre

Child Resource Centre is established to capacitate our young ones to address their needs thus to enable them to meet the demands of everyday life, to enhance the psychosocial competency of children through counseling services, various  trainings and programmes, thus to transform them into efficient, creative and committed future citizens of the country, also sensitizing the ones who are engaging with children especially the parents and teachers.