Archana Women's Center
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Archana Women's Center
Archana Woman's Center


Our Interventions 

  • Formation of Community Action Groups (CAGs).
  • Groups engaged in protection of human rights especially women's rights and civil rights.
  • Community struggles for clearer environment and protection of water bodies.
  • Individuals engaged in building social awareness on causes of human miseries, diseases and under development.
  • Communities and groups engaged in the protection of diversity, ecological balance and environmental resources.
  • Groups engaged in ushering in a new social order free of discrimination and inequities of every kind.
  • Groups working in view of fighting atrocities aganist women.

Training & Placement Programmes

AWC believes that Women can be liberated   from the clutches of servitude only through the devolution of skills, which were once monopolized by men. Empowerment comes from the mastery and delivery of these skills which will never render her deserted.

The trainings have been conceived and designed to enable women to undertake skilled jobs as mason builders , carpenters, interior decorators etc.