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Archana Women's Center
Archana Woman's Center


Carpentry & Interior Decoration (Duration-6 Months To 2 Years).  

This training is designed to carve out highly skilled carpenters. The training module is very exhaustive and suited to the changing needs of industry. The two years intensive training will convert now unskilled women into dexterous and skilled carpenters capable of handling all modern tools and wood working equipments.The women can earn while learning.

Masonry Training

Masonry & Building skills Training (Duration-3 months ~1 yr) 

This  is  AWC’s most coveted area of expertise. Traditionally women are universally employed as helpers at various construction sites and their pay is always suppressed. By undergoing the Archana piloted 3 months basic course and the 9 months advanced course in building skills and masonry women acquire the skills and aptitudes necessary to function as skilled masons. Another one year of onsite training gives them all basic capabilities to undertake challenging construction jobs. The women can also earn while learning. 


Are small homogeneous groups of women to work as a social entrepreneur group to realize the objects of human and women’s basic rights for sustainable livelihood, social equality, economic self-reliance, right to hygienic housing, sanitation, health etc. Each group comprises of 10-20 likeminded women, who have been adequately educated and motivated about the wide ramifications and dynamics of working together, earning together and pulling together in a patriarchy  dominated community to create a non-discriminatory and inclusive social milieu..

Organic Farming & Waste Management

Expert guidance in planning and implementing solid waste management and Organic Farming: AWC has developed Model organic farm, fish culture, chicken farm etc. and promote them through CAGs and other interested groups forming farmer’s clubs, organic outlets etc.


Wood Craft Training

This unit is for training, production and sales of modern and aesthetic craft items, wooden furniture, modular kitchen and articles. Here a short term intense residential Training in wood craft is given for 3 months with support for placement and self employment. Food and accommodation is offered to deserving trainees.


Concrete Bricks Production

This unit is for training, production and sales of cement bricks for construction. 30 days intense training is given to women in the operation of machinery and manufacturing of cement bricks.


Ferrow Cement Technology

Ferro cement Technology training (Duration-3 months)                                                                                                                                    

Training in ferro cement articles such as slabs for shelves, kitchen cabinets, compound wall etc and tanks for rain water harvesting, waste management/ vermi composting, fish culture etc.


Bamboo Technology

Training in Bamboo Technology (Duration-6 months)  

Bamboo the giant grass is one of the nature’s most attractive gifts, and can be used in various applications. The skills necessary to select, process, treat, and use bamboo in furniture and construction industry are imparted at AWC.



AWC in association with Popular - Maruthi provide driving training for women. 



A new innovative training programme by AWC aims to provide IT education for women.


AWC has launched a mass awareness generation and training programme to alert mothers, especially the mothers of adolescent young about the emerging danger of life style disease caused primarily due to overdependence on the market for junk food and consumables.

Garment Production

Duration (2 months)

AWC is operating a fully equipped and functional training centre in garment production. The 2 months period training provides women enough exposure and skills to undertake garment production as a self-help activity. The course fee is Rs.2000.00 subsidized to Rs.1000/ for deserving trainees. AWC gives support to establish own production units and marketing.


Other Training Programs

Grameen Home Science

Short duration programs planned to enable rural women manage nutrition, child care, health care and family upbringing tasks in harmony with the challenges and demands of current social realities. Classes in cooking, toy making, fabric painting etc are part of the course.
Rain Water Harvesting ,Purification and Management                                                                                                                                             
Water is becoming  scarce. In order to overcome the shortage of water in summer months and to have potable water at our doorsteps, our trainers give on-site training and know how in clean potable rain water harvesting and storage along with water conservation techniques.
Waste Management-House hold waste composting system Archana Model                                                                                                                         
The major issue of today remains the dumping of the waste. We at Archana, have come up with various methods of managing wastes in an effective and economical way. We train people about method, wherein the waste gets decomposed and form good manure, for agriculture.
Gender training                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Well defined training sessions on gender sensitization is offered to all categories of people in order to help them in the social change to establish a just and equitable society. We conduct short duration integration seminars for family units, so that the family members in general become open to the challenges of women’s empowerment.  
Ecology and Bio diversity Trainings                                                                                                                                                               
A degraded and degenerating environment has its immediate victims in women, because it is women who depend heavily on it for fulfillment of their vocation as mothers, house wives. The importance of maintaining a healthy, vibrant and life supporting environment is paramount to sustainable development. Our training programme enables the group to get a closer and healthy look on the environment challenges of today, and women’s role in its pristine upkeep.

Social Training

We believe that a social and psychological preparation is indispensable to all the trainees as they launch into acquiring skills hitherto inaccessible or forbidden to women. The issues that underscore women’s problems are many. The socio cultural barriers to women’s emancipation and empowerment are numberless. In order to surmount all these barriers and one’s own mindset formed through centuries, we see it crucially important to take them through a well defined social training process. As a result their inner blocks are broken and they are made psychologically ready to learn new and challenging trades like masonry, carpentry etc.


Life Skill Education

Life Skill Education is an ability to adjust to changing situations in and positive manner which will help you in facing challenges in day to day life. We give training in self awareness, critical thinking, effective communication, problem solving, coping with emotions, coping with stress etc.



Archana Women's Centre is an Accredited Vocational Institute of National Institute of Open Schooling under Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India for Construction Supervision (Civil).

Duration (6 months)

An intensive theory and practical class is arranged for the students with basic qualification of Xth. An exam is conducted by NIOS and the grading is done by them for both theory and practical.

Added benefits

  • 6 months internship in different construction work sites.
  • Expert National & International faculty.
  • Scholarship for deserving girl students.